Baby Jax – ten days old

It’s always so lovely to be invited into a new mummy and daddy’s home to take photos of their precious new baby.  What a priviledge!

I love seeing people in their own environment, where they can relax have a cuppa while I capture photos of their baby when they are tiny.

I’m super proud of this photoshoot I did for new mummy Steph and baby Jax. I went to visit them when Jax was just ten days old, so he was still all curled up and quite sleepy. I like to create a gallery of photos that is a mix between lifestyle (so showcasing the baby in their own environment) and then using my posing beanbag to photograph the more posed newborn shots.  This way you can capture the tiny features of the baby.

Please see a snapshot of Jax’s beautiful gallery below.

With love

Suzie x