Bluebell magic

Henry and Charlotte – May 2018

So I may have mentioned that the bluebells is one of my favourite times of year to photograph. They come out usually end of April beginning of May for only three weeks.  But there is a point, which only lasts a few days, where the sea of purple is truly magnificent – there’s barely a patch of green and all the bluebells are in bloom.

When I met Henry and Charlottes for their family mini shoot (30-40 minutes as opposed to 1-2hours) this is exactly how the woodlands looked. Which made the shoot a lot easier because every which way I point the camera there was a carpet of purple. Henry and Charlotte were a delight, Henry was quite cheeky and pulled the best faces, whereas Charlotte just knew when to look at the camera. I love the one of them walking away from the camera and Charlotte just turned at the perfect moment. She’s a natural!

From pretending to go fishing to jumping off fallen logs, we packed it all in in just half an hour and we got some amazing photos for their family to cherish.

Enjoy a snapshot below.

With love

Suzie x