Eddie – 14.01.18

January… cold, dreary and grey.

You may think it’s a funny time of year to do an outdoor photoshoot, there isn’t the freshness of spring or the vibrant colours of autumn. However, the grey canvas can actually work in your favour, especially if you have 20 month old Eddie as your model!

I was contacted by Eddie’s mummy Caroline last year as she wanted to capture him at this precious age. For those who know my work, I am a lifestyle photographer so not studio based. I go on an adventure with your little people and snap away while they explore.

Eddie was eager to get our adventure underway, definitely not shy of walking, we started our hunt at the little “troll” bridge in Skipwith Common. The common at this time of year has a beautiful red fern, so creates a perfect backdrop, it also has little pools and streams, which again I use in the photographs for reflections.

It may have been cold but Eddie, in his brilliant red jacket, sparkly eyes and cheeky grin, brightened up every picture.

Please see a snapshot of our adventure below.