Harley – 14 months

Each photoshoot I do ends up being  a little different, as I’m not a studio photographer and go to people’s houses. I always start with an idea of what I would like to photograph but this changes depending on a.) who I’m photographing and b.) usually the weather.

When I went to see little Harley, he was 14 months old. His lovely god mummy Georgia had bought him and his mummy Becky a photoshoot to capture him after his first birthday.

The weather was pretty miserable so we started inside, taking some portraits to capture Harley in literally the best Peter Rabbit braces and shorts combo I’ve seen.  He is such a character and loved playing up to the camera, as you can see when I asked Becky to give him a kiss, Harley spontaneously blew kisses to the camera.

I also bring a variety of props with me, this time I brought my daughters rocking horse for Harley to play on. Taking photos shouldn’t be about making a child posed and smile, just let them play and capture the moment.

The weather wasn’t getting any better, so I asked Becky if she would mind Harley having a sink bath… now as a parent I think every child should have a photo of them having a bath in the sink! We put the bubble machine on and Harley just had a wail of a time splashing around.

Harley also had the best duckling towel so we took a few photos of him perfectly posing himself on the sofa!

As the rain stop, Harley had an outfit change in to a beautiful blue romper and cardigan, he reminded me a little bit of Prince George and we managed to get a few candid shots of him outdoors, pretending he was in a hot air balloon.

Please take a moment to look at a snapshot of Harley’s morning below.

With love

Suzie x