Magnificent Millie and Charlotte in Wonderland!

I’m a sucker for storybooks, where your imagination can run wild.  It reminds me of being a child and creating new worlds and magical lands.

This is exactly what happened when I went to photograph Charlotte and her little sister Millie at their home in Surrey. I spent a morning in a fairytale of dress up and tea parties, capturing these two beautiful girls home life and their world of imagination.

I wanted to firstly capture Millie, who enter the world four months ago. She is clearly a very happy soul, with all her gurgles and baby smiles. And at this age they have the cutest dimples and baby rolls.

Charlotte then joined her sister for cuddles, so I captured a few special moments between them.

Charlotte wanted to play dress up in my magical fairy costumes, while Millie had a feed.  So she picked out the dove grey/blue dream gown from another mumtrepreneur Sari and I – who makes the most incredible tulle dresses for little ones. Charlotte was the perfect Alice in Wonderland as we went down the rabbit hole into her garden.

There was no stopping Charlotte after this, next she chose the pink flower girl dress, with pink fairy wings and a flowery headband.  Off we went into her garden as she showed me the forget-me-nots and flowers round her garden. We then decided to have a teddy bears tea party while we waited for Millie to get change and join us.

Millie was all smiles as she played with her sister and mummy Sam. Paul, their daddy, then joined us to make silly faces and so I took a few photos of them interacting.

I finally persuaded Sam and Paul to have a few family photographs. It’s so important to get parents in the picture too – you won’t regret it when you look back.

Please a snap shot of our morning below…

With love

Suzie x