Pups and kiddos

Archie – 14 days old

So they say never work with children and animals but I would obviously have to disagree. What could be any cuter than a baby with mans best friend.

I went to photograph 14 day old Archie and his bull dog Dexter at their family home.  We started the shoot with mummy and daddy, capturing some family photographs. This is a great way to start a shoot as it relaxes everyone and baby can have lots of cuddles.

I then set up the room with my posing beanbag, chilled out music and mini heater to get the room cosy for some shots of Archie on his own. Although Archie had other ideas, and decided he’d much rather be awake and look around.

All babies are different and Archie quite liked being held, so his lovely mummy Kelly and I thought he may want to be cosy next Dexter instead. We managed to get a fabulous photograph of him and Dexter (his protector). These two are definitely going to grow up as best buds.

Please see a snapshot of the morning below.

With love

Suzie x