Hetty – six weeks old

The beautiful Hetty with her sisters Frankie and Lottie.

It’s so lovely to see this family grow. I’ve photograph them as a family of four, and I felt so honoured to be invited back to their home now little Hetty is here.

Their lovely mummy Alex asked me to take some photos of the girls together before Hetty got any bigger, mainly so they could remember how little she is. The girls were absolute superstars looking after their baby sister.

This was a relaxed at home shoot guided by the family. We took some lovely shots first of Hetty on her own while she was awake (which captured her lovely personality), then we decided to give her a bath in the sink – this is a great family shot as everyone can get involved. (plus everyone needs a shot of them bathing in the sink before they get too big!)

Afterwards Hetty was getting sleepy so we dressed her in a pretty dress, while the girls got dressed up too in the beautiful dream gowns I use for photoshoots.  I love how the girls doted on Hetty and gave her kisses and cuddles while she slept.

Please see a snap shot of the morning below.

With love

Suzie x