Francesca – 17 days old

As a first time parent, you may not necessarily know that the best time to have a newborn shoot is between 4-10days old. (I know – it seems such a short window to get those cute curled up shots). That said, while most photographers will tell you this, don’t worry if your baby is already older than this as it doesn’t mean you missed the boat to photograph them at this little age.

I specialise in lifestyle photography, my style of shoot is more about capturing the moment, the bond between parents and their children, the natural sleepy poses (or awake moments!)

Sammy, Francesca’s lovely mummy, contacted me when she was two weeks old. She wanted to have a newborn shoot for her as she had had one with her son.

As they were moving house I was happy to invite them to my house to capture the photographs. My girls playroom is a perfect room as it has lots of natural light.

The one thing I loved about this shoot was that mummy and daddy were both keen to get involve. Francesca was wide awake and happily looking around, so I used this time to get pictures of her with both mummy and daddy separately and then we did some of them holding her together. This is such a lovely pose as it shows how little your baby is in both your hands.

We then used a couple of my wraps and blankets to create different backdrops and got some lovely individual pics of Francesca. With the warm heated room and relaxing music she gently nodded off for some final sleepy photos.

Please take a look at a snapshot of our morning below.

With love

Suzie x