Cook family – 19.11.17

One of my favourite places to go for a walk and photograph is Hagg Wood in Dunnington – it is truly beautiful and I highly recommend visiting it.

Lorna (the youngest sister!) contacted me to do a family shoot for her mum’s birthday to include her two sister’s families and their mum and dad, eight adults and six children (including two twins) so 14 people in total! The great thing about having a large family shoot outdoors is that you’re not restricted by space, and you can get some beautiful shots of the children roaming around, having fun and being kids!

The morning of the shoot was a beautiful winter’s morning – crisp, cold and clear skies. I knew we would get some stunning shots with the sun being so low in the sky, that’s the benefit of shooting early morning. Midday isn’t great as the sun is higher and you get too many shadows.

I snapped away while the kids explored and then we did some group shots, which were more posed to get everyone in the frame. I love the ones of the children on the bench, as they are more candid (not everyone looking at the camera) – and the sunlight was beautiful shining through the orange and red leaves. We had a bit of fun throwing leaves and then we wandered in to the woods to get some more shots of the family altogether. You we’re all brilliant to capture – thank you!

I hope you enjoy looking at a snap shot of the morning. And Happy Birthday Carol!

With love,

Suzie x